We do not take reservations however, we have a waitlist system to avoid long wait times by the door. Here's how it works: 

  1. Call the Creekside location at (587) 317-5743 or the Mahogany location at (403) 457-5955 and see what the waitlist is like. (Do not text this number)
  2. Does our *estimated quote time fit what you had in mind? If it does, we'll take your name, number and amount of party (including infants and small children)! 
  3. Once you've been added to the waitlist, you will get a text confirmation and a link to check your place in line.
  4. Go back to bed, do your errands, or get yourself ready and wait for our second text to notify you that your table is almost ready. 
  5. Text "1" back to confirm or "2" to cancel. Once you confirm, your table will be held for max. 15 mins. See you soon!

This system allows you the customer to hold your spot in line from your home so you can be comfortable or you can conveniently run any errands you may have while waiting. Also, please keep in mind that we only take names down once the store is physically full and that this is a service that we provide on a first come, first serve basis. 

*Approximate wait times during peak:

  • Weekdays - 20-30 mins
  • Weekends/Holidays - 2-3 hours